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Eco-Ride Adventures: E-Bike Rental Services

Eco-Ride Adventures in Hanioti offers high-quality e-bike rentals, providing an eco-friendly and exciting way to explore the scenic landscapes and charming village streets. Perfect for both leisurely rides and adventurous excursions, these e-bikes combine convenience and sustainability for a memorable experience.
Eco-Ride Adventures offers top-notch e-bike rental services in Hanioti, providing an eco-friendly and exciting way to explore the beautiful surroundings. With a fleet of high-quality electric bikes, visitors can effortlessly navigate the scenic landscapes, from coastal paths to charming village streets. Ideal for both leisurely rides and more adventurous excursions, these e-bikes offer a perfect blend of convenience and sustainability. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, Eco-Ride Adventures ensures a memorable and environmentally conscious experience in Hanioti. All detailed information you may find in front desk in Ampelia Hotel Kassandra.



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book from €111 / night


  • Price:
    €20 per day per person
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    all day